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All tapes listed below are sets. Each set consists of 7 to 9 audio tapes (90 min) recorded live at weekend classes. Please complete this page, and print to send along with your order form.

Medicine Wheel

The Sacred Medicine Wheel Notebook and Tape Set ($67/each)

Mystery School

The Goddess in the Nineties
Egyptian Mysteries
Egyptian Healing
Ceremony: Finding Comfort in The Sacred
Rebuilding the Personal Totem
Healing Through Direct Transmission
Healing Through Ritual and Ceremony
Living Light Through Healing Hands

Healers & Their Practices

Finding the Heart and Soul of Healing
Creating a Healing Presence
Healing the Healer

Body Symbology

Body Symbology
The Theory of Body Symbology
Body Symbology:A Spiritual Exploration of Disease
Body Symbology:How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology
The Meaning and Message of Disease

First Chakra

(Re)Awakening the First Chakra
Exploring the First Chakra Connection
Sex and Spirituality
The First Chakra: Awaken Your Snake Power
Power, Passion & Prosperity

Second Chakra

Healthy Boundaries:A Field Guide to the Second Chakra
On Becoming a Person of Power
Family Trance and Spiritual Adolescence

Third Chakra

The Third Chakra: The Mind as a Field
Charisma: Influencing with Integrity - I
Charisma: Influencing with Integrity - II

Heart Chakra

Transforming the Wounded Heart:A Physical Perspective
Transforming the Wounded Heart:A Spiritual Perspective
Heart Healing for Friends and Lovers

Upper Chakras

Sound, Silence, and Timing: The Fifth Chakra
Breathing Life into Spiritual Law
The Third Eye: The Sixth Chakra
The Third Eye: Creating a Vision of Happiness
The Crown Chakra:Working with the Dying as Though They Were Going To Live Forever
Walking in Balance Through Chaos and Change
Restructuring the Healing Matrix

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